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Something in your business isn’t working and you’re not quite sure where to start. It feels like the team “doesn’t get it” no matter how many times you explain things to them. You have a list of “need to do” and “want to do” tasks for your business but you don’t have enough hours in the day, manpower or energy to get them done.

You need a shift change. You need someone who “gets you,” someone who will help you understand the real roadblocks and clear the way for change. Someone who will help bring focus back to your values, ignite your potential, and realign goals for a thriving future.

Making a shift requires collective sync and sacrifice. Sometimes that means time, dollars, labor hours, and examining fears and the challenges it causes. But I’ve got you, I live for this work, let’s do it together.


I have had the pleasure of working with Steph on various projects over the past few years. Each new opportunity further solidifies my belief that she is a remarkable leader capable of organizing and inspiring teams at all levels. She has the natural ability to clearly communicate and connect with a variety of team members,

Chris Morin, Founder

Working with Stephanie means competence, tireless energy, creativity, and follow-through. She understands the commitment to the big picture as well as the small tasks. She is both a leader and team player… and someone who can get the tasks

Wendy Giandy, Check-In Supervisor
Gathering of the Vibes Music Festival
Stephanie has taken the Wethersfield Farmers’ Market to a much higher level where we are now one of the premiere destination Markets in the State. This is no easy task as there are +100 markets all competing for vendors and customers. Her special events- elegant Farm-to-Table dinners, pumpkin painting, horse and carriage rides, pop-up holiday

Doug Sacks, Market Coordinator
One of the most exciting things that happens when working with new people on an event, is the moment that you realize “She REALLY gets it”.  This is how I felt after working with Stephanie for just a few short hours on one of the Northeasts largest music festivals. I immediately promoted her, and extended her

Angel Telesco, Director
Catskill Chill Music Festival

Organizational Badass.

Steph has worn all hats – Hostess. Server. Line Cook. Restaurant Manager. Executive Training Director. Business Owner. Farmers Market Manager. Festival Director. She’s done it all. Ask her about working backstage for Lady Gaga, Madonna, or U2. She loves to travel, see live music, ride her bike, and build excel sheets. Steph is a powerhouse and cancer survivor who defines the word determination.

Passionately bridging the connection between self-development and professional growth, Steph connects dots where you didn’t even see you needed dots connected. She sees both the big picture and the small details. She’s a lover of systems and brings a unique perspective to the paths and tools needed at any stage of your business.

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