Team Evolution Toolbox

Looking inward; what makes your company special to work for? Tell me what the ultimate team looks like. How are you making sure each person is performing to their best potential?

I believe that spreading your culture through your organization starts with training. Let’s clearly define job roles and hierarchy within your organization and create a step by step learning program that lays out a path for success. This, paired with accountability metrics, such as performance reviews, can ensure longevity, where staff and leadership are in alignment with company culture and are following the set standards. Having a clear path of development with engaged leaders creates a unified crew where everyone feels like a valuable member of the team.

Garden Catering Trainer Seminar

• Role Descriptions + Company Hierarchy

• Training Programs

• Learning Management Software (LMS) Rollout & Support

• Learning Tools +  Resources

• Coaching, Mentoring + Feedback Models

• Performance Metrics

• Communication Channels

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