Frequently Asked Questions

I have an aptitude for hearing my clients' needs and translating that into action that affects real change for both the team and the operation. I will always tell the truth, even when it’s hard. I’ll jump in the trenches to support the team on any task at hand, and I will coach the players to be better versions of themselves. I’m efficient, with an eye for detail, and always follow through, because I get it done.

After an initial discussion about your needs, I’ll create a proposal with objectives, timeline, and projected cost. A 15% deposit is due upfront, 10% is reserved until satisfactory completion of the deliverables (consider this a guarantee), and the rest is broken up into monthly installments spanning the timeline of the project. 

As your needs or timeline pivot or expand, so might the investment.

My unique perspective, years of experience and the style in which I communicate to your team and leaders has no correlation with time, so no- I do not charge by the hour. The value is in the quality of the experience, not the specific hours we spend together.

It depends on what goals we’re working on, how many resources you can give to the project (people, time, ideas), and if any pivots happen along the way. It is common that when I begin a list of deliverables, we discover unseen opportunities within the company that must also be addressed, which can stretch the timeline.

The more hands on you are in your own development, the more impact we can make. Your willingness to participate shows your commitment to the shift from the top down. I can facilitate this process, but it will require multi-level participation from the team.

This will involve detailed direction, timely feedback, weekly meetings, and some reflective tasks to complete. Your interaction and investment matters. I’ll ask you to take an honest look in the mirror; what are your current leadership habits around communicating and the operation and how is that impacting your team? Are you willing to change those habits?

Making a shift requires collective sync and sacrifice. Sometimes that means time, dollars, labor hours, and examining fears and the roadblocks it causes. But I’ve got you, I live for this work, let’s do it together.

There is no refund for work that has already been performed.

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